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I'm a Greater New York-based journalist and freelance writer, specializing in features. I'm currently an arts columnist for Gannett and my work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Patch.


How to Survive the End of a Friendship

As life gets busier due to career, family, and other demands, friendships may seem inessential. However, good friendships are crucial to one’s well-being because they offer a wealth of benefits—from reducing stress to lowering blood pressure. Ultimately, they can help us live longer lives. Negative friendships also impact heart health. But even if we’re aware of unhealthy friendships in our lives, it can be difficult to know when and how to let go. Theories on romantic breakups, including how

10 Women on the Places, Foods, and Things They Refused to Let a Breakup Ruin

Once you and a partner have broken up, walking past your (former) favorite date spot might flood you with painful memories, make your heart plummet, and thoroughly ruin your day. Well, time to devise a new route that completely takes you out of your way just so you never have to experience that awful feeling again. Or when “your” song pops up on your playlist—ah, the betrayal of shuffle—you might rush to delete the track, convinced by the lump in your throat that you can never listen to it again

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